I’m Felicia Jones

Female Business Strategist

Helping You Move Past Fear And Step Into Your Destiny

I teach women the power of being a leader and show them how to build online business through mind shifting, marketing and sales. 

Great for women in Corporate America, Stay At Home Moms, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs 


 To LEAD it starts with YOU

Unlock Your Full Potential. Through Leadership Identity

Being a Leader Starts With YOU

Are you tired of living in survival mode?   Do you desire a more fun and fulfilling life? Do you feel unfulfilled in your career? Do you feel you can offer so much more with your skills and abilities? 

  What if I can show you how to let go of your past hurts and failures so you can use that energy to create what you really want. Would you say YES? 

What if I could help you get out of that rut and get rid of the Negative Nancy’s in your life, who have been dream snatchers and sucking the life out of you? Would you be willing to let go?

That’s what I am here to teach you….. That and much more because I know what it takes from experience to create a happy and purposed life.

Discover your full potential through the Diamond Transformation Method . The 4C’s will walk you through four steps to discovering your Leadership Identity.

CLARITY: Getting crystal clear on what you want to achieve

COLOR: Releasing Baggage

CUT: Cutting out all negativity, removing people places and things that no longer serve you.

CARAT: Presenting the Diamond Carat

These are the message I receive from clients every day:

  • “I’m ready to start my first business but I have no idea how to get started.”
  •   “I want to stop playing small . I would like to love myself and be proud of myself.”

  • “I’m feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding the next step. What I’m doing is not working.”

  •  “I’m wasting my days wallowing in self-doubt that paralyzes me into no action.”
  •   “I have a job that pays the bills, I know I ‘m meant to do much more. “
  •   ” I feel really stuck right now and it’s hard from me to get and stay motivated. I need a plan.”

 If you find yourself saying the same messages then don’t wait get started now .



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