Felicia Jones

The Executive Chic

Felicia Jones also known as The Executive Chic  is the founder of LeadHER In Heels where she births and empowers women leaders to focus on Self Leadership Identity. She coaches women professionals to be full of BS (Brains and Standards, Books and Strategies, Branding & Systems, Beauty and Solutions).


As a Professional Leadership Expert, Felicia holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and has two bestselling  books entitled, “The Diamond In You” and “I’m Fine: A Woman’s Silent Cry”. She has launched her latest Leadership Course entitled, ” 4 Steps to Discovering Your Leadership Identity” in January 2020.

Felicia has the unique ability to connect with Leaders. Drawing on her experience as a Corporate Leader, Coach and Trainer, she simplifies work issues by teaching effective transformation practices. She helps to improve employee engagement by successfully increasing team morale and improve employee retention. With purpose -driven leadership, she has been able to create a positive culture to unleash great performance within a team.


With Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners she has the ability to help women move past their fears, and find their happy place by starting their own side hustle or business.


Felicia resides in the DFW area, where she spends most of her time reading, working out and spending quality time with family and friends.

Where It All Began!!

I’m an Entrepreneur,  Business Strategist, Speaker, Author, Coach and founder of LeadHER In Heels. After 20 years in the corporate 9 to 5 world, I realized I was destined for something far more satisfying.


I been in Corporate America for over 20 years, and my  last corporate position had become a toxic job and environment. It wasn’t always like that.  For the first 2 years it was pretty good. I learned a lot, created business connections through networking, and I felt like I was growing. I became passionately involved in, and committed to, the success of the company.


But something happened along the way.  As I climbed the corporate ladder, I was able to see all the unethical things that were going on. How they talked about the employees, and how they were just numbers and not treated like human beings. Suddenly, I was given the task of all the dirty work that they didn’t want to do.


 The company suffered from the same poor business practices that I had worked tirelessly to change just the few short years I was there. It was no longer a good situation. And when it wasn’t good anymore, it was bad.


Real bad.. Awful

 I needed to take a leap of faith.

I decided to get serious about my goals and dreams. The right way involved creating a plan and getting out of my own way.

I have talked to so many women who felt the same way I did, experienced the same dread, and carried with them the same self-doubt. These were smart, motivated, energetic women who were being limited and afraid to use their voice, stagnate in their thinking and didn’t have a road map.


 I founded LeadHer In Heels  to help entrepreneurs and corporate professionals find and use their unique voices to connect with clients, team members and build profitable and sustainable businesses.


 There is a proven path, you can take it, and it can work for you.


 I would love for you to become the LeadHER In Heels and strut like the Boss Executive Chic you are.


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!