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Kisenna Kornegay Sheets says…..

 “I love how  Felicia Jones gives strategic and practical advice on how to use your corporate leadership skills/expertise and monetize them while helping others.”

Derrick Butts says….

” It’s trendy, it’s modern. It’s also solid. Leadership are timeless truths that work when work them. From sandals to heels, this movement desires to impact today’s women in corporate America. Watch out we now have one that all races and faces will listen to. “

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 “Felicia Jones is passionate about helping women soar in the workplace. Her candor and boldness locks you in. She challenges you to make changes to take care of yourself as you soar in the next level of your career!

Angela McDougal says…..

Felicia is amazing! She’s a phenomenal coach, speaker and author that using her life experiences to connect with her clients. Felicia has a heart of gold and she’s definitely someone to know and a joy to work with. “


Trishauna Johnson says…..

 Felicia is very transparent coach, speaker. She use real life work experience to engage and connect with her audience. She is a great story teller. She is constantly looking for practical techniques to to add value her clients. 

DE Speaks says…..

  “If you’re ready to transfer your corporate leadership skills to your own business, but just don’t know the steps to do so, then call the Executive Chic, Felicia Jones today 

Regina Sayles Says…..

Great to see your passion coming to fruition! Another thing about like-minded, ambitious people is when you meet them it seems you have so much to share that the conversations will never end. That is when you know you’re onto something great. Glad we met. “


Jai Marie Nino says…..

“There are people in your life that you may not always see or talk to that make a big impact on your life and everyday help you see there is greatness to be found. Never give up! I want you to know you’re that one for me.  So, today as I wake up and prepare for this happy and difficult day, thank you for your presence in my life and your WOW’s Words of Wisdom every morning. Love you and may you have an awesome weekend.”


Alisha Anquanette says…..

Your accomplishment is inspiring. I have tried to get where you are for months now. I believe I am over thinking this process because even your site is awesome. I wish you many blessing in all your endeavors. Alisha Anquanette “


Yvonne Zolisa Marimo says…..

“Greetings, from London, England. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts. You are such an inspiration. Your story sounded like my story except that you have gone a step further and launched your amazing program. I am still struggling with self-doubt and limiting beliefs, but with sisters like you to encourage me; I sure hope to make the leap soon. Thank you for the inspiration. You have challenged me to bring out the diamond in me. May success continue to follow you every day of your life. Yvonne Zolisa Marimo”


Anita Says…..

 “I stumbled upon your website quite serendipitously…and I’m glad I did! I love your insight and the DIAMOND analogy for empowering women.

Really great article! I can definitely relate to all you have said being a post Corporate-America employee then turned-full-time entrepreneur myself. I, too, tried multiple businesses before finding the right one for me. My two biggest lessons learned, aside from the practical, are:
(1) Entrepreneurship and network marketing are fundamentally about building, cultivating, and sustaining relationships.
(2) Other people’s dreams and vision for their lives are just as important as your own. Helping others helps you.”